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L I F E - Y'all - can I be real for a second. Life is hard and there are so many things to complain about. I'm super stressed about college and getting assignments done and registering for classes next semester tonight - BUT, there are better days ahead. 
Which is so much easier to say than to actually fully trust in that promise, but there are. Sometimes you just have to laugh in the pain and hurt and try to smile anyway. 
I decided to use this picture for this blog post because that's exactly what is going on. I'm smiling even though I'm still super uncomfortable in front of the camera (double chin & all). I'm working on confidence, but it's hard. I don't see myself the way I should but I'm posting this picture anyway because even though I wasn't having the best day, I decided to smile through constant voice in my head telling me I'm not worthy of being confident. 
Maybe you're struggling with that and it's something that is h…

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